Thermal Acoustic Insulation Systems

Olutex Key Product Information

Addressing the key need for cold, heat, sound and fire insulation 

Made-to -measure insulation systems for walls, ceilings and flooring systems, geared to individual needs and customer requirements.

Primary and secondary insulation incorporating burnthrough barriers meeting FAR 25.856(b) requirements.

Olutex uses Hutchinson proprietary materials such as Foils to manufacture blankets (Terflame, Terul, Terimide), Skin Damping and Heavy Layers.

Our state of the art design and manufacturing allows for perfect quality and on-time delivery performance, in spite of the extraordinary variation of parts geometries inherent to our product nature.

Installation of insulation systems in the fuselage section at various locations  in Europe.

Olutex has delegation for Design Authority on the complete A380 Thermal Insulation System (AP1020).